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Linked Parishes

St Joseph-Elkader,

St Mary's -Strawberry Point

Sacred Heart-Volga

St. Joseph

Office: 563-245-2548

Father Paul Peters

Rectory: 563-245-1325 


On this page you can read the history of our church.

Parish Center

Office hours are listed in the contact us section.

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Parish Center and Office
563-245-2548 Fax 563-245-2937

Priest   Fr John Haugen 563 543 5873
email  dbq072@arch.pvt.k12.ia,us
Sacramental Priest Fr Paul Peters
Secretary - Janie Wiley
Faith Formation
Fr John Haugen
Janine Berns Faith Formation Manager 563-880-2107



Pastoral Council Members:

Chair: Helen Backes

Co-Chair: Kristin Oberbroeckling

Finance: Susanne Hankey

Liturgy: Mary Fran Nikolai

Rep. FFC: Janine Berns

Parish Life: Kristin Oberbroeckling

Social Justice: Dana Burns

Stewardship: Justin Augustyn

Knights of Columbus:

Bruce Collins – Grand Knight


St. Joseph’s Cemetery Directors:

Bruce Collins, Mike Murray, Mike Rentschler and Judy Moyna




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